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on-page off page seo
           Seo(search engine optimization) is most important factor for all professional bloggers. In simple words Seo means you have to observe the activity of search engine and try to assume some way of increasing your blog’s or web-site’s rank. Many people are little more confused about how to start search engine optimization? How to apply seo on site? I suggest you to start from on page and off page seo. Both are most important factor of seo. Here In this article I will explain you how to implement on page and off page seo on your blog.
     Following factors are most important in on page seo.
        Meta tag is used for describe your web-site or blog. There are two types of Meta tag one is Meta description and another is Meta keyword. In Meta description you have to write short description of your web-site and it is visible to search engine. In Meta keyword you have to write some keywords of your web-site which is useful for make your keyword to search engine friendly. So with use of Meta tag you can see that search engine can easily see your content and keyword and hence you must have to write Meta tag.
        Title tag is also important factor of seo. Title tag defines title of your article or page. You can add your keyword to your title so search engine can easily find your keyword. I personally suggest you that do not use long title tag because it reduces your keyword prominence. So choose your title very wisely that search engine can easily see your keywords and derive very huge traffic to your blog.
       It has the highest priority in on page seo. Write your keyword or keyword phrase in header tags or bold tag. You can also use strong tag instead of header tag. The content which is written in header tags is easily visible by search engine. So put your keywords in header tags which are helpful to you for increasing traffic on your blog.
      This is not most important in seo but Google loves link building. You can increase your page rank with use of link building. I think you are not aware about link building so let me explain about it. You have to give links from your one page to another page so navigation of your site is becomes more easy for users. This activity is known as link building.
         Content is known as king of seo and some genius said that “best seo is no seo”. And I think they are right because if you have original and rich content then no need of seo.
            In off page optimization you do not have to do anything on your blog or web-site. But you have to do some work for make popular your site. You can do off page optimization by following two ways.
         First let me explain what is backlink? because some people are not aware about this word. Backlink means link which redirects back to your blog or web-site. Sometimes ago people were using link exchange for increasing backlinks but which removed now. So you can increase your backlinks via commenting on other blog or via guest blogging. So start increasing your backlinks.
            You can increase popularity of your link by voting and reviews of your site. If your site got good review and more votes then popularity of your link is increase.
       So this is all about on page and off page seo. Stay in touch for more updates. Have a nice day.

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  1. Never tried link popularity before. Following a lots of SEO Specialist's statement i came to believe that the off page seo like forum posting, directory submission and all other stuff is kind of dead. What do you think?

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