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                Facebook is social networking site and YouTube is video streaming site and because of that in every schools, colleges, and in offices Facebook and YouTube sites are blocked by network administrator. I think everybody choose free proxy sites for access Facebook from school and colleges. With use of proxy sites you can access Facebook and YouTube but these proxy sites are not safe. When you are using any proxy sites for access Facebook you are giving your Facebook password to network administrator of proxy server. Don’t’ worry I have a solution of this. You can use tor browser for access blocked sites.
access blocked sites using tor browser
               With use of tor browser you can access all blocked sites and even your network administrator can identify your ip address. Actually when you are using tor browser tor browser dynamically changes your ip address at some particular time. So your real ip address is hidden from your network administrator. If anyone is thinking that now they have to use new user interface then don’t worry about it because tor browser’s user interface is same as Mozilla Firefox.  Here in this article I will tell you how to use tor browser for access Facebook and YouTube from schools and colleges. Follow the given steps for install and configure tor browser on windows.

Step 1: Download tor browser from their official website.
       Tor browser is available for windows, Linux and mac platform.

Step 2: After that you have to install it on your local system.

Note: if you are using proxy server for internet then mention your proxy address in proxy settings of tor browser.

Step 3: After installing tor browser you have to install Torbutton plugin for access Facebook and YouTube from schools and colleges.
Step 4: After installing plugin restart your browser.
           Now you are able to access Facebook and YouTube from your schools and no one can catch you. So friends in this way you can access blocked sites without proxy sites. Have a nice day.

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