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                Switch, router and hub are interconnected devices which are used in different topologies for connect number of pcs to each other. Suppose if you want to connect two pcs then no need of interconnected devices. You can connect it via lan cable. But if you want to connect more than two pc then you must have to use topology and in topologies one of the interconnected devices is must require. Switch, router and Hub these three are most commonly used interconnected devices in networking. Here in this article I will tell you what is difference between switch, router and hub? How they work? Etc.

1: HUB


                  Hub is interconnected device which connects number of pcs into one network. But it does not know about receiver. It means whenever it gets a packet for send to the receiver it simply broadcast that packet. Receiver decides that this packet is for him or not. Let us take an example. Suppose in one network there are 15 pcs are connected to each other via hub. Pc 3 wants to send the message to pc 9. So pc 3 first sends the message to hub. But hub does not know anything about receiver so it simply broadcast that message in network. Now every pc checks whether this message was for it or not. So this is the use of hub which is commonly used in networking as an interconnected device.



                Switch is also interconnected device which connects more than two pcs into one network. But the difference between switch and hub is that switch has the information about receiver. Suppose in our previous example if pc 2 wants to give message to pc8 than switch collects message from switch1 and send it to pc8. You cannot broadcast this message in network.



                Router is commonly used interconnected device in networking. It is mainly used in wireless communication. Suppose in network there are 5 pcs are used and you want to develop wireless network then you must have to include router as an interconnected devices.
               So friends these are difference between switch router and hub. If you like this article then shares it with your friends. Have a nice day.

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