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google glass

           Google glass technology which will be released in 2014

           Google glass is a future technology. Sometimes ago Google announced about their new product Google glass. They declared that Google glass will be released in 2014. I am not sure but in market there are some rumors that Google glass will be released in end of 2013. As this is a future technology you are not aware about it. So I decided to write about Google glass technology. Here in this article I will tell you which features will be included in Google glass and approximate price of it.
          Google glass is a smart glass which has embedded computing devices in it. Display screen are attached with it. Google glass also contains hidden battery. Google glass is tiny prism display. It do not sits on your eye line. Instead of eye line it sits just above it. So if you want to see what is happening on display then you can see it by glancing upside. Google glass also contains camera through which you can do hangouts with your colleagues, and also you can take pictures from that camera. It also contains microphones and gps. Through gps you can access Google maps from your Google glass. It can help you for getting direction which you can see on display. Voice detection is also available in this technology which will help you in hang outs, taking pictures and show directions on Google maps. You can access this feature by speaking loud.
         Technologies are used in Google glass are not a new technologies. These are already available but the new thing is that these technologies are embedded in a glass. With use of this technology you can do your all computing in your Google glass. You need not to laptops and tablets for small computing use. Some people are thinking that if they wearing glasses then is it possible to wear Google glass with this regular glass? I would like to those people that you need not worry about it. Google is developing such type of glasses which can use with regular glasses. So you have to wear only single glass which contains both regular and Google glass.
google glas technology
         I think you are willing to know price of Google glass. Officially anything is not yet declared by Google. But there are some rumors that Google glass will be available at approximately $750. So it is the approximately price of Google glass. It may very when it will release.
         So friends this is all about Google glass technology which will be released in end of 2013 or in start of 2014. If you like this article then share it with your colleagues. Have a nice day.

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