Posted by : Raj Thakkar Saturday, 6 April 2013

comparision b/w google nexus 7 and ipad mini


      If you are willing to buy any tablet which has around 7.0 inch display then lots of option are available in market. But in market right now 3 products are running most. These three products are Google nexus 7, Samsung galaxy tab2 and Apple’s iPad mini. Many people are confused about these three tablets. So here I am going to compare Google nexus 7 and ipad mini.  


       Let us start with price because it is the most important factor for common people. If you are looking for budget I will suggest you to buy Google nexus 7.Here is the approximately price list of all models of Google nexus 7 and apple’s ipad mini.
Price of Google nexus 7 with 16 GB storage is $200 and with 32 GB storage price is $250
Price of ipad mini with 16 GB storage is $330 and with 32 GB storage price is $430
       If you are looking for tablet with Wi-Fi and cellular then Google nexus with 32 GB is available at $299 But ipad mini with 32 GB storage is available at $559.                                      
       Before take any decision for buy a tablet let me tell you that both devices do not support storage expansion. But if you want more than 32 gb storage then ipad mini is available at 64 GB storage capacity.


        Google nexus 7 has 7.0 inch display with 1200 X 800 screen resolution.  But if you are looking for wide screen then ipad mini has 7.9 inch display with 1024 X 768 screen resolution.  Because of wide screen you enjoy browsing more in ipad mini with compare to Google nexus 7.


        Google nexus 7 has front camera of 1.2 MP but it doesn’t contain rear camera. If you look into ipad mini then you find that ipad mini has also front camera of 1.2 MP but the advantage is it contains rear camera of 5MP.As per my opinion in this feature ipad mini got the victory because Google nexus 7 has only front camera while ipad mini has both front and rear camera with better results.


        Google nexus 7 contains 1.3 GHz NVidia quad core cpu while ipad mini contains 1 GHz dual core processor. Google nexus 7 has latest android 4.2 jelly bean operating system while ipad mini has Apple’s ios6 operating system.
       So friends this is the complete comparison between Google nexus 7 and ipad mini. Hope this Comparison will help you to make decision for purchase tablets. Have a nice day.

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