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            Blogspot is most used platform for blogging. A Blogger service is provided by Google. As we all are know that Google is known for do something new from others. This time Google comes with new feature in a blogger service. By using this feature user can show google plus comment to the particular blog. It means suppose I have a blog TECHY MANIA and I integrate Google plus comments with blogger then every comment on google plus on my post will be reflected in my blog.
             This is a new way to increase your traffic to your blog. With use of this integration people can easily comment on blog post via their Google plus account publicly. So this way you can engage people on your blogs. If anyone shares your post on google plus then it will be reflected in blog and all replies to that post also be reflected in blog.
enable google plus comment on blogger

For enable Google plus comments on blogger  follow the given step.

Step1: login to your blogger platform.
Step2: click on Google plus tab which is located at left side in menu.
Step3: click on checkbox where written use google plus comments on this blog
Step 4: save your settings
Now you can see that your google plus comments is appeared on your blogs.
           Because, this is quite new feature in blogger it is not supported in many templates. If you have uploaded new template in blogger then you may be see that total number of comments are written but it is not displaying any comments in blog post. This thing is happened because many templates are not supporting google plus comments. So if you really want to use this feature then I will give you advice to use blogger template which given in blogger platform. These all templates support Google plus comments on blogger.

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