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increase traffic to blogs by seo

Search engine optimization tips for increasing traffic to blog.

      First let us start with search engine. For search engine optimization you must have to know that how search engine works. Search engine is internet depended tool which finds document or we can say web page in its own database. So if you want to get organic traffic then make sure that your web pages are stored in search engine’s database. For that purpose you have to submit your sitemap to various search engines. You can submit your sitemap to Google from web-master tools. When search engine finds any new web page it indexed this page and after that it gives rank to this web page on basic of its own algorithm. Most of people are confused about index and rank. These both terms are different from each other. Your web page is indexed means your web page is just stored in search engine’s database but not yet got rankings. After that on basis of backlinks and impressions your web page gets ranking. So this is the working of search engine.
      Now for increase traffic you must have to know that how you can increase your rank in search engine’s database? For that purpose I have some tips. Follow these tips for increase traffic to your blog.


            For organic traffic you must have to work on some keywords. You can choose your keyword with use of Google keyword tool. From this tool you can find total number of searches per month on particular keyword. So choose your keyword and start work on that keyword.


             Study your competitors is also important factor of search engine optimization. Suppose you choose keyword cloud computing. You can find from Google keyword tool that there are lots of publishers which are working on this keyword. So it is difficult to get higher ranking on this keyword. So you have to select keyword which has fewer competitors.


               I want to say that content is king of search engine optimization. If you have unique content then you will get higher rank in search engine. But make sure that you have rich content. It means that there is no grammatical mistake in your content. If you have unique content but not rich content then user may not want to come back to your site. So write unique and rich content for increase traffic to your blog.


                Only writing unique and rich content is not enough but after that you must have to highlight your keywords on your web page so that it can easily visible to search engine you can highlight keywords by doing on page optimization.
                Off page optimization is used to spread your link on internet. You can do this thing by increasing backlinks.


               Images are not visible by search engines. Search engine finds images on basis of alt and title tag of those images. So put alt tag and title tag to your images so it becomes visible to search engine.
              So friends these are the tips for increase traffic to your blogs by search engine optimization. Stay in touch for more updates.    

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