Posted by : Raj Thakkar Monday, 6 May 2013


                Whenever we are talking about technology Google, Microsoft, Apple and Facebook are always stay on the top. They have developed many technologies but the question is who will be the king in future? Right now it is too difficult to say that who is the king of technology? Here in this article I am going to discuss latest technologies developed by apple, Microsoft and Google. At the end of this article you might be able to decide that who will be the king of technology in future?


         From last 2-3 year Google gets extremely fast progress in technology. Just 3 years ago Google bought the android operating system. And now People love more android then ios and windows operating system. Google play store gets huge success. But Google is not stopped on android. Do you know about Google glass technology?  Right now Google is working on Google glass technology. Google glass is a smart glass which contains computing devices, display screen, hidden battery, and gps system.  Everyone knows that in search engine and video sharing Google is on top. Recently Google has updated it’s algorithm for search engine and through that user can get unique and rich content only. In video streaming you tube is the best service ever provided by Google.


         Steve jobs started the apple with mac os operating system. In those years only two companies are there in battle of technology. One is Apple and second is Microsoft. Apple is the first who provides the gui in computer operating system. Apple is not stopped on mac os. They developed many technologies. Apple started mobile devices. Everyone knows that ios is the most secure operating system which is developed by Apple. Latest version of ios is ios5 which is released in Apple Iphone 5. Ios is not the open source as android and because of that every application in apple’s app store is standard. As per my opinion in mobile computing apple is the king.


           Bill gates started Microsoft just after the apple. We can say that both are started in similar time. Microsoft is the second company which has provided the gui in computer operating system. Windows 1.0 was the second operating system developed by Microsoft and it was the first os by Microsoft in which User interface is included. Right now latest version of Microsoft os is windows 8 which has amazing start menu, fast processing and easy access to all application from start menu. Right now there is tough fight between windows, android and ios operating systems. But they all are king in different factors.  Android has very large play store. Ios has a security and windows 8 has amazing look and feel. And because of that it is too difficult to say which is better?
         So friends this was the battle of technology. It’s too difficult to say who will win this battle but it’s important that they are keep fighting for get huge success in technology so we can get its benefit. Have a nice day.

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