Posted by : Raj Thakkar Saturday, 4 May 2013

eye tracking technology in android device

              In this time eye tracking technology becomes Familiar in real world. Eye tribe is the company which works on Eye tracking technology. Actually eye tribe is founded by PhD. students of Copenhagen University. Eye tribe tracks your eyes and uses it for control android smart phones and tablets. You can access your phones and tablets with your eye’s movement.
               This eye tracking technology can be used for authenticate user via eye. It means we can use login through our eyes. We can use it for eye scrolling. In gamming we can use this technology for control the gamming equipment. Eye tribe wants to include this eye tracking technology in android smart phones and tablets.
                The eye tribe has officially declared that they are going to launch eye tracking technology and new developer sdk for eye tracking technology for android devices in June 2013. They released a small demo on eye tracking technology and co-founder of eye tribe says that Shown in this video is the only thing where eye control technology can be used?
                So eye tribe is one of the most innovative company among all it companies. And now it is ready for release eye tracking technology and eye control technology for android smart phones and tablets. For use of this technology required hardware costs only in some dollars.  Eye tribe has declared that they will release this technology for android device in June 2013 with new developer sdk.
                Eye tribe got the approval of investors and also got 3.3 million dollar in fund. So friends get ready for use this new eye tracking technology on your android device. I think this technology will reduce our efforts and time for completing any task. So with use of this new technology we can do work with less effort in very small time. Have a nice day.                             

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