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Ranking factors of google
            Do you know that every webpage is ranked by Google and on basis of that serp(search engine result pages) are listed when you fire any search query on Google’s search bar. Yes friends every web page is ranked by Google and Google uses that rank for show serp. It Imeans if you want that your web-site or blog got place in top 10 serps then you must have to get higher ranking in Google’s database. There are some ranking factors which you can use for getting higher rank.


1: Title tag

             Title tag is one of the ranking factors which are used by Google search engine. Choose your title tag wisely. Include your keyword in your title tag. Make sure that your title is meaningful medium in length and in contains keyword which you are going to targeting in your post.

2: Meta tag

               Meta tag tells the search engine that what your web-site delivers to users. It describes the description of your site or blog. If you include your Meta description and meta keyword on your site then search engine can easily find that which keyword you are targeting in your blog or web-site. So i would like to tell you that include your meta description and meta keyword in your site for getting higher ranking in Google search engine.

 3: keyword frequency

               Keyword frequency is most important ranking factor for every blogger. Many blogger just place their keyword at random place and they thought that they can get higher ranking for that keywords. If you want to get higher ranking on particular keyword then make sure that your keyword is included in title tag and meta tag. After that, include your keyword in top most area of your post. Make sure that your keyword is not repeating immediately. But you have to maintain your keyword frequency, It means you must have to repeat your keyword in some interval of your post.

4: Keyword density

                   As I tell you that keyword frequency is just how many times your keywords are repeating in your post? But, Keyword density is somewhat different then keyword frequency. Here is the formula of keyword density.
K.D. = (keyword frequency*no of words in your keyword*100)/total no of words including keyword.

5: Header tags:

                     Header tags are also important for getting higher ranking in Google search engine. Write titles and subtitles in appropriate header tags. H1 to H6 header tags are available. Search engine can easily find the text which is written in header tags.

6: Content

                    Content has the highest priority for getting higher rankings in Google search engine. Write unique and rich content for getting higher rankings in Google search engine.

 7: Alt tag

                    Images are not visible by search engines. But what to do if your site is related to images only? Doesn’t worry about that, Because Google can identify images via alt tag of images. So put alt tag and title tag in all images and make it seo friendly.
                       So friends these are seven ranking factors through which you can get higher rankings in search engine and you can boost your site traffic. Have a nice day.

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