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google rules for seo

               Search engine optimization is the only way for increasing traffic to your blog or website. Everybody wants to increase traffic to their blog. But, for that purpose you must have to do some seo(search engine optimization). In my previous articles I taught you that how you can implement search engine optimization onyour own blog? But, if you do not take care of something while doing search engine optimization then your website may be reach in Google search engines’ spam folder. And, if your website is spammed by Google then it is not visible to search engine. Google has some rules for doing search engine optimization which you must have to follow for increase traffic on your blog or website.



              Keyword stuffing is the black hat seo method through which you can increase traffic to your blog for few days but when search engine finds that you are trying to make fool search engine then it will decrease your ranking in its database and your serp (search engine ranking position) will be decreased. In keyword stuffing people generally repeats some keyword immediately without appropriate content. And because of that at first look this site get higher ranking but after one or two week search engines finds that it is ill-legal technique for seo and it will send this web site in its spam folder.


               Webpage size is also affects to your search engine ranking position. Let me tell you that every search engine has its own size limit for crawl a webpage. If your webpage size is greater than this limit then only up to this limit your webpage is visible to search engine rest of area of your webpage is not visible by search engine. Let me tell you that Google has 100kb size limit. It means that Google can read your webpage up to 100kb without images. Images are not visible by search engine. Yahoo has 500 kb size limit. So whenever you are writing your post make sure that it has appropriate size.


                 This seo rule is related to font size of your webpage. I found on many websites that they are using font size less than 5 pixels. Let me tell you that Google search engine can read the text which has greater than 4 pixel font size. If your font size is less than 4 pixels then it is not visible to search engine. You can use tiny text for notes. If you want to give some note to user but search engine cannot read it then tiny text can help you. So use tiny text only where needed.


                In, of, the, out these all are stop words. You cannot use these words as your keyword. If you include these words into your keyword then your keyword weight will be reduced. So it is better to do not use stop words into your keywords.


                Keyword prominence is the most important factor of seo and these two types of files are reducing your keyword prominence. I am not telling you that do not use these types of files but do not use these files as internal files. It is better to use these types of file as an external javascript or vbscript file. And do not include these types of files in top most area of your blog. Try to include it in lower area of your blog.
                  These are the basic search engine optimization rules which you have to follow when you are doing search engine optimization. Have a nice day.

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