Posted by : Raj Thakkar Sunday, 5 May 2013


          Firewall is like a guard of a local computer which protects local computers from outside attacks. Here in this article I will tell you why firewall is important for security of local system and how firewall protects local system?
         I think you all are aware about internet. It is the best communication media among all communication Medias which connects any local computer to the another local computer in the world and share information between these two local systems. But let me tell you that internet is unsecure communication media and it is too difficult to protect computers from outside attacks which are connected to internet.
        Two types of attacks could be possible when your computers are connected to internet. One is Leaking information of confidential data of a particular network. Suppose there are 10 pcs connected to internet via single router. It means there is a network of 10 local systems which have some confidential data. It could happen that this information is leaked to the competitor. In second type there is danger from outside elements of a network like viruses, worms etc.
          So for prevent ourselves from these type of attacks we must have something which ensures us that any information will not be leaked and it will protect local systems from outsides dangers. Firewall provides these things. Firewall behaves as a guard which is installed in every local system. All traffic from internet to inside system and inside system to internet pass through firewall. Firewall has to decide which traffic is allowed and which are not allowed. Firewall is  too strong that attack on it is waste of time.
           So friends firewall is too much important for security of local systems and private networks. In our next article I will tell you different types of firewall and how they protect us from outside network? So stay in touch for more information on firewall. Have a nice day.

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